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Make your trashcan work for you with BagGrab
No one loves dealing with the trash but BagGrab makes the chore bearable and easy! You’ll never have to spend extra time running around the house in search of a new garbage bag to refill the can or need to nag your kids to go put in a new one when they “forgot”. Don’t take anymore time out of your day than you have to on the trash with BagGrab, the built-in garbage bag dispenser.

How it Works

BagGrab conveniently stores trash bags at the base of the trashcan to make replacing the bag an effortless task. When your garbage bag is full, remove it from the can and dispose of as normal. To replace the bag, look no further than the bottom of your own trashcan! Reach down and pull up the next garbage bag that is already prepared for you in the trashcan. Easily pull it over the top edges of the can and you are done dealing with the garbage! Get BagGrab and make the pesky chore simple.

Why BagGrab?

  • Easy & Saves Time -
    • Remove full bag
    • Pull new bag from the bottom
    • Fold new bag over the top
  • Convenient - The bags are right where you need them already so you don’t have to run to a different part of your house to retrieve another garbage bag.
  • No Excuses - If you have children, you know that they sometimes “forget” to replace the garbage bag after they take it out and you find yourself accidentally throwing trash into an uncovered can. With BagGrab, the bag is already right there and it requires no extra effort from them.
  • Refillable - When you notice you are running out of bags at the bottom of BagGrab, all you have to do is fill in more.


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